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Welcome to the Startup School Community

Hello and welcome to Confidist and for taking an interest in the Startup School community. This community is mostly for participates of the Startup School program hosted at and for people who are either interested in that program or startups in general. We have no official affiliation with StartupSchool or YCombinator so please direct any official inquiries to the resources found on their webpage.

This platform is a great place for seeking support in your startup journey and making meaningful connections to other founders and likeminded folks. Since Confidist has a focus on helping people get out of their echo chambers, we also encourage and support outsiders to come join this community to ask questions and participate in virtual events.

Please send me an email at if you have any questions or concerns. I also placed links to the 2019 StartUp School Cohort unofficial Slack and LinkedIn groups.

Thank you & Happy Confiding ~Nicholas